Long time no see

Hi there,

it’s been a while. But I am still on the project. Writing server side code via unitys new cloud code. Preventing cheating by never trusting the client. I am about to have the current mechanics covered soon. There will be a back and forth how I bundled the data on server side. A lot to learn!

This is how it looks. It is Javascript btw, not my main coding language. ( just a test script to not reveal too much)


Stuck on google games services

Beeing stuck on setting up the google auth service in the internal test track. Playing around with keystores somehow I got 2 different ones, one maybe was the debug one before I had a keystore file. Also there is the OAuth 2 Consent screen and the credentials. Not sure..
But I keep trieng, thats no fun part tough.

Unity services will be used!

This project will use unitys new services(beta). In the past I used firebase.

The game will use these services:

-Cloude code
-Cloude save
-Remote config
-Cloud content delivery

So currently I setup the login popup. So far I worked with anonymous mode only for the developement.
But its time to add google play and facebook so the save game can be used on other devices in future.
Building this ui is setup work which isn’t the most exciting but has to be right and solid.
These new unity services are currently still in beta but should be a couple of months in production when the game launches.

Banner ad

Decided to use a banner ad or atleast to be ready for it UI wise, since unitys mediation (beta) does not support banner ads right now but might be in future. As for orcs x banner ad revenue was 30% and I don’t want to waste any oppertunity to increase the ARPU. (average revenue per user)
I will have to adapt the already created UIs. (Settings, store, sawmill, shipwreck)