Today I needed trigonometry

Never thought I use this stuff for anything. So I had to learn(re-learn) school stuff, in order to spawn the future power ups around a target on a circle radius.


Working on shaders and the core game mechanic

I carved some sand details into the ground. Added a blob shadow for the palm.
The shield and axe now uses the metalic and smoothness property of its shader.
The shader for the palm, ship and the player has now more emissive power.
The UI for chopping has its first draft but Sebastian Irmer makes us some nicer wooden board soon. Chopping levels up a multiplier on the base weapon damage on the tree.

Performance, atmosphere and style

For style and performance reasons I will not use realtime shadows.
Using the so called „blob“ shadows.

Also I removed a lot of details from the main orc texture, while most other characters and enviroment anyways use vertex colors or a minimal 32×32 pixels gradient texture.

Also the Orcs 3d (Working title) will have a day and night circle as Orcs X had.

On this screenshot I have not yet implemented the blob shadow yet!