Update 1.4: Ally Center

Finally a new update 😀

+Quest 40 is here.
+Ally Center added! Your allies score sum up to your ally strength which activate bonis based on the achieved value.
+The cristal mines are now further expandable.
+Tweaks and new bugs introduced

Known issues:
Quest 40 Cinematic black screen bug
Some chat bage sprites missing

More soon!
Dave and Nilo

YES! There will be a new Orcs X Update.


Just letting you know that we are still working on the game here and there. And a new update slowly takes form.

Keep collecting the juice out of the mines, as it becomes the main resource for the new adventures down there.

Dave and Nilo

Google Play:


Orcs X 1.3.1 is here!

It’s been a while! We know..
But we are still alive and improving the game.
As we are only two dudes it sometimes can be harder to create frequent content. Because life interferes, how ever we hope you are still with us. Here is our first update for 2019!
Update notes:
+Let’s go to the Spooky Castle!
New Red Orc Platform Missions have arrived!
+Allies List added (req.Quest 14+)
Search for players, add/remove your allies from your list.
See if they are online and their current score. More interaction features coming soon!

+New Bugs included

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Hey Zap Fyber is a scam?

For the duration of almost a year we were using HeyZap Ad Mediation, which became part of Fyber. It mediates the ads within our mobile game and shows us analytics as well as delivers their own ads via Heyzap Ad Network.

Over the year we could always see the revenue generated by the Heyzap Ad Network seperated by the revenue of the other networks in the upper right corner of the revenue page.

Since 2-3 months the amount was big enough so the automatic transfer should take place. All information and forms were/are delivered. How ever so far we did not see a single cent from the Heyzap Ad Network also they are not responding on our emails or Facebook posts on their page.

This already felt scammy.
But that was ok for us as we could still see the total amount within the revenue page.
But since 2 weeks the platform layout changed and it is now called Fyber FairBid.
There is no more total revenue counter for the revenue from the Heyzap Ad Network.
No money has been wired..

So where is our money?

Orcs X Update 1.3.0

+You can now visit the Crystal mines and gather crystals. Includes new achievements and enhancements.
+Added two new chat badges (Green/Red Miner)
+Vip Membership now should give new VIP points for each abo fee paid.
+Bug Fix: Overscaled stone towers fixed
+Bug Fix: Chinese language support fix
+Bug Fix: Quest 25 Cinematic camera does not longer reactivate and disable the ui
+Delegateable Quest: Danilos quest becomes a delegateable at quest progress 14 instead of 20. In order to introduce this concept earlier.

Nilo and Dave

Orcs X Update 1.2.98

Orcs X Update

+1 New Quest: Meet the Elv King! He drops a mysterious amulett what will it be good for?+1 Watcher Towers added: They will increase your daily delegate limit by up to +8.+VIP:Membership explanation improved.+Bug fixes and tweaks.

Dave and Nilo
Google Play:
iOS( live in +1-3 days):
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