Reaching Rock Bottom

Since 2013 I am working for myself. As a full time Indie App Game Developer working on my own apps. Starting off with a savings Budget of 5000 Euro.
Since than it was fluctuating and dropping to lows like 1500 Euro just to rise up to 5000 and above again, to 8000. There were special the initial 8 Months where I made cents and the savings were burning down.

But what is killing all my savings right now are the estimated taxes I have to pay since 2016. Since I earned well in 2015 the amount I have to pre-pay every 3 months to the Finanzamt were big in 2016 and 2017. 1000 Euro and 500 Euro steps to be exactly.

In 2016 I pre-paid 3000 Euro and in 2017 2000 Euro.
While I was making 9800 in each of those years..

My Depot just reached the minus digit. (-1.66 Euro)

My tax lady had to keep postponing the tax entries for 2016 for more than a half year now, because she gave birth.

Im so desperately waiting for that tax entry which should give me back 2016+2017 => 5000 Euro  – maybe 400 Euro max. But that could take another 3 months.
Were I will struggle to pay my rent and insurance.

Indie game developer full-time the life of a starving artist..

Update 8.23: On your side Buddy!

+Red Orc Quest added: Defend your friends village and gain the Red Orc Leader as a new Team Member!
+Bug Fix: Town hall: Maximum level was not recognised, fixed. ( Players that passed it remain on their level = score)

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Is it over?

I thought by now it might have led me to something bigger. But I am still struggling. And I’m exhausted.
Of course I see it as a big achievement already being able to make this full time for 4 years.
But now I started doing simple mini-jobs on the side to keep the money coming in.
I took a whole month learning Unity and C#, since I feel limited by my current Game Engine (Game salad) how ever I cant see the big target I should aim towards and I don’t have that naive energy anymore which I started out with.

.. Maybe time to quit this..

Update 8.21: I am Back!

Was busy learning Unity3d and C# for future Projects.
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+Sahara Town Hall: Levels now effect the progress on the Island (until lvl 4 so far)
+Crystal Color Matching Game: Reaching above a key Score now adds a multiplier on the forging Points gained.
(Purple >80 , Blue >50, Gold>50)
+Red Orcs letter added after defeating the Crystal Mines Boss
*Tweak: The Town Hall now has a Level up effect

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