iPhone 6 – More elegance and quality

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Apple is just about to announce the new iPhone 6.
What does that mean for us developers?

New resolution – Go High Resolution
So first of all its really cool they left the same Screen ratio. So there will not be any black bars on your existing apps when played with the shiny new device.
But all our current apps will be devalued, since they look low res, unless you create a „HD“ new iPhone 6 version of it. Which for me would mean to update 20 apps..

Update SDK’s of partners
Also if you use external services like Chartboost Advertising, you will have to get the newest SDK and update ALL of your games with it installed, again 20 apps (+20 apps on amazon).

More Quality – Less Crap
Apple has plenty of apps in their store by now. So they are not interested in any new App and reserve their right to reject apps, the ones which do not deliver any new value or just look crap.
That’s good there was a lot of crap.
But also it will it make it more frustrating and harder for new people to join the app game.
I’m happy I started doing this in the good old days, 1 Year ago.

David Zobrist App Developer

The iTunes Connect Account looks now much cleaner too, I like it a lot. Waiting desperately for the new iPhone 6 now!
Gonna make some great stuff for it!




Three Points – Handed over by the Technological Plant Mother

While tripping on salvia divinorum the technological plant mother handed me over the simple idea for the triangle game, Three points.

I did it within 1-2 Days, but it looked shit..
It was already handed in to apple but I had the feeling I had to show it to my partner in law, Sabba Keynejad.

He made me reject it immediately.
Sabba made the whole idea work and a whole series out of it to get it more attention.

It worked.

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All Points – Quick tests for your reactive mind

There are a lot of „point“ games this week!
Small challenges for your reactive mind. Shut down your auto-correcting voice and just go with the flow.

So here is the total list:
Two Points – https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/two-points-beginning-fantastic/id901896809?mt=8
Three Points – https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/three-points/id901300583?mt=8
Four Points – https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/four-points/id901894838?mt=8
Five Points – https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/five-points/id901964708?mt=8
Six Points – https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/six-points/id902001294?mt=8
All Points – Coming this Saturday!

6 Points Game color match David Sabba iphone 5   Five Points David Zobrist Puzzle Match iphone 5

Let’s talk statistics

I didn’t post my app statistics since way back when I released Sha Cat. As you may have read I changed my approach after that game and went for a lot smaller apps. Throwing 3-4 Apps out a month for the last 3 Months.
Using iAds and maybe 1 simple in-app purchase to monetize.

The first one was Bumpy Ball which already performed much better than all my apps before. And I took my learnings but couldn’t really re-apply them for a several apps after.

I teamed up with Sabba Keynejad a very talented technology/trend designer.
And we created the one app which is by far the most successful app I released.

The App had around 5000 Downloads within the first two days, all natural, there was no Marketing except the regular posts through my social media channels. ( Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, Facebook, Deviantart, Pinterest)

David Zobrist pewdiepug

It even managed to get into the iTunes roleplaying top 10 in Estonia, and went into the top 100 in 32 other countries. Unfortunately the iAd failed to appear on time so we did not create any money within this time.
I couldn’t take that and switched it to paid. Which immediately kicked us out of all reached positions and decreased the downloads dramatically (-90%). It basically killed all natural growth.

A half week later the ads where there.. So I switched it back to free. It did came back up from 10-20 daily downloads (paid time) to 200-300 Downloads a day.

But it obviously had lost it’s magical boost. Since the last two week it remained like this but we patched it and the changes went live the last week. We basically created a pop up to rate the app and give the player in-game points for doing so. This small change had a dramatic effect. We received around 110 fresh user rating in the last 5 days, most of them beeing 5 of 5 possible stars.  We are right now trending back up, which is really exciting.

pewdiepug game ratings david zobrist

The loop of getting more players through the nice ratings and turning them into active game raters through the pop up seem to run incredible effective.

Pewdiepug Charts iphone David Zobrist

I know for sure I will never switch an app to paid again, no one pays now a days and it kills all growth.
I’m right now really happy that we got this second chance.
Let’s see what the week brings us!