Reward Players to rate the App. Good or Bad?

Rewarding players to rate your App is highly effective, specially if your players are invested in your game and your reward delivers meaning. A while a go I had my App PewDiePug with 40’000 Active users permanently banned because of rewarding them to leave a rating. After removing the behaviour on my other Apps and iOS Versions, Apple featured an app doing exactly so.

„Rewarding Players to rate the App“
Features them
Banns/Removes them

What is the official statement from Apple’s site?
Does Apple official accept this?

PewDiePie App Keyword uplifts PewDiePug

PewDiepies App in the iTunes App Store sky recorded the keyword „PewDiePie“ and with it come a lot of new installs for our Game (Sabba Keynejad and David Zobrist)! 7000 App installs in 3 days, from previous 200 organic daily installs.
@SabbaKeynejad JeaHHh! Back in the game!! Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 11.01.49