A travel Journey written by my mother.

Visiting me in Berlin.
Nice pictures and some context to it.
(written in German)

Struggling with the progressing

5/8 is done
I got a lot of mixed feelings about this one tough
its not as easy for me to finish somehow
I also wish I could share it with you guys via Arcade.
But the hmtl5 version is totally fucked up and doesn’t work at all.
It seems to handle a lot of behaviours totally different than the editor and mobile versions

I find myself a lot of time comparing the game to my last hit game „creepy“ and forcing this game to live up to it. Putting a lot of pressure on it.

Doing a lot of work and then deleting it again.
For example I had 2 levels already in coded where the wizard was young and followed the white rabbit in the magic temple to learn the cloud and fire spell.

I deleted it all because I didn’t like it.

Pocket Thief’s – Hackescher Markt Berlin

they tried to robb/pocket steal me today. Acting like a blind man that mistankly rammed me from behind while a second guy was approaching/distracting me in front acting like these guys that sell you newspapers. I just kept my hands in my pocket and kept cool. Went out with no loos and no harm. I also didn’t get it in that situation and really believed it was a blind person. Later realised what happened by analysing the situation. Specially by realising that the newspaper guy just 5 seconds later tried to sell a newspaper to the blind rambock. Anyways crap feeling..