Orcs: Spooky Castle Update Live

Orcs Halloween Update Castle Game ios android.png
Halloween Update 1:
+“Spooky Castle” the Quest Series has started!

“The red Orcs found a spooky Castle. They need your help to penetrate the depths of this castle. Your Archer will be very useful against the blood-sucking bats..”

+Meat Wagon mission and further communication with the red orcs added.
+New Reward! A red Orc Wood Carrier joins your Orcs as a gift from Chieftain Jon.

Its only the beginning!

More Soon,

Crossbow shooting dog guards for granny’s castle

The title should explain everything, haha. So it is monday and I have exactly around 1 month until I release Sha Cat for the iPhone.
Today I completed the Chapter 3 level select screen leaving me with one more to go. (release the game with 4 chapters)
Also the enemies appearing after the treasure guards have been born. Crossbow shooting dogs, obviously they do not want to come to close to this cat.

Sha Cat Dog guard
Shacat chapter 3