Up to the climax

Sha Cat rushing to rescue her boyfriend. Will she make it?
Sha Cat


Sha Cat – Name registered on iTunes

Just protected the app name of my next #game! Sha cat!
From this point on you get 180 days to deliver your binary file (your game file) to Apple.
If you don’t deliver the binary within this time frame you lose the app name and others can use it but for you the name opportunity is gone. I plan to release the app around April 2014 so there is no real pressure on me through this limitation.
Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 17.08.33


My newest Game Project – Update!

Here some screenshots of what I was able to do during christmas and new year in-between family and friends time.

-Polished the shop and the character upgrade screen.
-Added DMG values, Crits, Gear that effects Stats of the cat.

-Added the first spell beside of the regular claw attack. FIRE PAWS!
-Added Energy shield skill which costs 1 SHA(energy) and is activated by tapping on the cat.
-Created together with my brother varies music themes.
-Energy System feedback added. Spell costs if a spell is purchased are shown like  „-2“ floating away from the bubble. Also It shows feedback if you have to less energy to trigger the desired spell. NOTE: Energy in my game is called SHA.
-A lot of sounds have been added.