Up to the climax

Sha Cat rushing to rescue her boyfriend. Will she make it?
Sha Cat


My newest Game Project – Update!

Here some screenshots of what I was able to do during christmas and new year in-between family and friends time.

-Polished the shop and the character upgrade screen.
-Added DMG values, Crits, Gear that effects Stats of the cat.

-Added the first spell beside of the regular claw attack. FIRE PAWS!
-Added Energy shield skill which costs 1 SHA(energy) and is activated by tapping on the cat.
-Created together with my brother varies music themes.
-Energy System feedback added. Spell costs if a spell is purchased are shown like  „-2“ floating away from the bubble. Also It shows feedback if you have to less energy to trigger the desired spell. NOTE: Energy in my game is called SHA.
-A lot of sounds have been added.