Orcs X Update 1.2

Orcs updatr 1.2 Danilo David Zobrist Hoffmann game ios android clicker
Dear Orcs,

the new update is here!

What’s new?

+1 New Battle Orc: The Orc Spear Lady can be unlocked!
+5 New Quests!
+1 New forgeable item: Warrior Sword, unlocking his first fix ability.
+1 New grindable Quest, dropping the resource back hair.
+New Houses: You can now build Orc apartments and increase the max. meat +2 for each.
+1 new achievement and passive
+New experimental premium feature for Gold Axe owners:
Via the in-game chat you can now write with other Orc players.
(current max. 20 at the same time, expands on demand in future, so don’t be sad if the chat doesn’t load for you)
+Bug fixes and tweaks

New language support for:
+Russian by Eugene Matveyev (Altrimgot)
+French by: Florian Haehnel
+Lithuanian by Viktoras Sutkus
+Czech by Joachim Veselý (pHghost)

Dave and Nilo

Edit: there was a freeze in quest 7 and 10 and the orc select screen not hiding which is fixed in 1.2.11 – be sure you have that version

Google Play:

iOS( live in +1 days):

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Update 8.05: Flappy Zeppelin Grinding

The last update felt incomplete for me so here a second Update this week.
(live tonight on Android, 2 days later on iOS)

Orcs update indie games ios android warcraft blizzard clash clans of armory

+Permanent Mini-game: Zeppelin Transport Mastery added to Island 2.
Each gained Zeppelin Lvl will increase the Wood transported to the new Island.
For both the mini-game and the Wood Box drop. (max. 500k*lvl and max. 100k*lvl)
Each Zeppelin Lvl also grants +1 Score.
Wood Transported by screen change from Island 1 to Island 2 is fix max. 500k.
+In-app options pop up added to the new island. Golden Axe also decreases timer time by /4.
+Tweak: iOS Game Center log in only happens on trophy touch not on scene starts (was annoying)
+Bug fix: Wood Boxes would sometimes drop to early – fixed (Timers does NOT longer tick app closed)

iOS AppStore:

Google Play AppStore:

Amazon AppStore:

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Orcs: New Game Patch 6.1

New Game Version out
Quest series continues:
+1 Spooky Castles Chamber 3 has opened!
+Speed and Difficulty Tweaks on Spooky Castles Chamber 2 and 1
Chop Chop Screen:
+Bat added to the Orc Chop Chop screen as long the Spooky quest series is active
+Loading Bar for quests added
+After quest 9 internet is required to play, or having the golden axe will enable you to play offline.