Update 8.03: Crafting.. Takes a while!

+Crystal mines Quest 7 added: “There is something down here..”
+Purple Craft-able added, Your Spear Lady now “Charges up Crystals” on her “Power up” attacks, which adds a second wave for Shaman Crystals if used within 8 seconds
+Golden Crafting added – but no craft-able yet! You need >=400 blue crafting for it.
+More Game section now links to Creepy instead of Pixel Mage (play both)
+Bug fix: Shield Aura was not visible in some Mine Quests,fixed
+Tweaks: Blue Craft Circle Flow changed
+Tweaks: Craft-able Page stylised background added
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Orcs also includes quests, which is a unique feature to have in a clicker game

148Apps: „Orcs also includes quests, which is a unique feature to have in a clicker game. Your wood totals can go towards training and funding orc warriors that harass human villages and pick up massive wood bonuses. These battle sequences are automatic, but still fun to observe. Unfortunately there are only a few to work through, although more are supposedly coming in a future update.“

Read more:  http://www.148apps.com/reviews/orcs-review/#ixzz3RKUCCO6r

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