For all the Pug Lovers

Creating a „make it rain“ like Pug petting game for the iPhone with Sabba Keynejad.
He is right now busy with his final exams so the whole game took a bit longer and will still take until the end of this week. But then this cute dog will be handed over to apple for review. If they accept the dog – it goes live around the 28.6 or 5.7 ( it has to be a saturday – most downloads).More Soon!

pug game david zobrist

Crossbow shooting dog guards for granny’s castle

The title should explain everything, haha. So it is monday and I have exactly around 1 month until I release Sha Cat for the iPhone.
Today I completed the Chapter 3 level select screen leaving me with one more to go. (release the game with 4 chapters)
Also the enemies appearing after the treasure guards have been born. Crossbow shooting dogs, obviously they do not want to come to close to this cat.

Sha Cat Dog guard
Shacat chapter 3