Reactive Mind VS Mental Mind and Ego

I’m right now programming a bunch of reaction games and for their sake, I’m playing them heavily to make them perfect.

During my play sessions I tried to come up with clever systems to make myself a more efficient player, like counting the amount of actions that are required for the next success pattern etc.

Some of these methods quickly sank into me and started to happen without me having to think about them.
They became habitual.

I quickly realized that the systems I was most proud of because they made the most sense to me actually went in the way and I achieved less score then before. Only by letting go of this systems and going back to the „just play“ method, I became successful again.
I stepped back and let go, me and my plans vanished and the habitual/automatic self took over, I entered the flow state.

I found it really insightful that I discovered that the only thing to perform the best, was to forget about myself and let it happen.

Guitar Jamming

Improvised guitar jamming with 2 other guys and a singing girl, never thought I could do that. What a beautiful experience. Man that was magical. Like how we aligned to each other or broke out and it still kept harmonizing as whole… just wow.
Its a confidence thing. A bum note doesn’t mean you’re crap, or everyone will judge you. If they do, they can shove it 😉
All creative outlets are related. Wider experience across media really helps.
This one time already impacted a lot in relation to my main art, app development. It was one flow one harmony and nothing was wrong.

Challenge Curves and Emotional reward

My game is looking very girly but it had until last week mainly battles as content. So I figured how to put narrative sequences into the game without making them annoying or game flow breaking. (judged by my own opinion only so far)

Challenge Flow (Game mechanics)
So within each chapter I have 4 levels, in order to create a drama I increase the difficulty from 1 to 4.
Challange Game Design Curve
Ending most Chapters with a boss which means an enemy with more HP, which is a longer battle.
Together with some Dramatic music we have a gameplay chapter climax.

Problem: By playing trough I realized even if the challenge tension varies, the player still does  not get any breaks. And my game is very action oriented, it felt kind of exhausting.

Solution: So I decided to put Emotions Sequences in, a lot of game design knowledge today tells you that it is very bad to make „none skippable cinematic scene“ between the game flow. I disagree the point is simply they should not feel like interruptions, they should be introduced as rewards. I remember back then in a game like final fantasy it felt very rewarding to lean back after a challenging boss and look at the movie.

The 3 Main Story Sequences in Sha Cat (so far):

Intro (pre-level 1)
Create enter point to the drama and introducing the characters – showing their relation.
Sha Cat Romance iphoneSha Cat Drama iphone

Flash back – Baby Dragon Story (pre-level 4)
Create an emotional bound between dramatic past and the cute dragon eyes.
Dragon Sha Cat iphone gameDragon spide sha cat iphone game

Flash back – Birth of Love (pre-level 9)
Empathize the strong relation bound between the two cats.

Sha Cat romantic