Human Harvest Alien Update going live

Human Harvest Update David Zobrist Game ios android

After upgrading to lvl 3 the Alien section gets activated. You can now complete the invasion with your own Army.

(Amazon and Google Play first, iOS 7 days later)

Peace out,

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Beam up some people with your UFO!
Have your own alien invasion.

Can’t force myself

Sport day.
1 hour swimming Schwimmhalle Velodrom​ behind me

work out McFit Prenzlauer Allee​ with the boys upcoming with
Danilo Hoffmann​, Joel D. Poischen​ and Jonathan Poischen​

Did not work since one month, I simply can’t force myself right now but money flows somehow.

Duck Defense a Brofist Legend is live now

My newest mobile game title just went live. The Android versions first (iPhone 7 days later)
Enjoy and give me feedback,
David Z.

Google Play AppStore:

Amazon App Store:

iOS App Store(15.8.2015 live):

You are a Duck, protect your sponge with your brofist against the Barrels.
+Become a master at watching your Duck throwing fists at Barrels.
+Find over 18 collectables such as PewDiePug, Titan Mech etc. or buy em and reward Apple and myself for this masterpiece.
+Endless mode: There is no end!! Stay here..please..

+Join the Legend via Facebook and learn more about the other Stuff

Orcs Friday! The Boss Update is here


It’s Orc Friday!
Not yet exactly.. but here the new update. No reason to wait for tomorrow. Live in a couple of hours.
(Android + Amazon Version first, iOS days later)

+5 New Quests: Story Time, Bomber Challenge and Bosses
(be sure to have your sound turned on for the first new quest)

+Screen shake on the Chop Chop screen reduced a bit

+Become a Patreon: You can now become a supporter of new Updates and Quests and get your Spot in the game credits.

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