Human Harvest Alien Update going live

Human Harvest Update David Zobrist Game ios android

After upgrading to lvl 3 the Alien section gets activated. You can now complete the invasion with your own Army.

(Amazon and Google Play first, iOS 7 days later)

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Beam up some people with your UFO!
Have your own alien invasion.

I thought about why jokes make us happy

This is my humble idea.

A joke loosens/breaks constrains of a specific thought context and we all would love to losen up our tight thinking. A tight thinking which is of pragmatical nature since we had/have to survive and think „straight“.
Comedians often hear „your going to far“ as they hit on strong established mental walls which could lead to danger.

But also in a regular social small talk context the joke jumps out of the regular thought box. This expansion makes us happy, its a tension release.

At-least this was my conclusion when I was high.
And i still think it makes sense.

Thoughts about Complexity, Mental Growth and Simplification

Analytic thoughts about complexity
So complexity refers to a system/process, it is an accoumlation of many components/related elements.
One thing without any sub-components can not be complex. Because it’s just one.
So in order to be complex it needs many components or many consequences related to the elements within the system.
Overwhelming complexity results in a felt failure or creates an spark of motivation which we call „Interest“, the mental crossroad is a result of not directly being able to grasp the idea or not being able to mentally surround the system/process.

The observer’s reaction towards complexity
Depending on the observer this can be interpreted as challenge to complete the mental picture or turn away from it. The observer behavior is dependent on past experiences and their outcome. If the person is used/told to being able to grasp it or not. The second factor is the relevance of the system/process for future encountered events/happenings. Some observers mainly focus on forming own mental structures of an complex system/process in expectation to get a future gain/benefit out it. This can lead to disappointment which can result in future avoidance of such effort.
The third factor is the urge to play, mental forming of a complex system/process without having future expectation towards an outcome of the the activity. These attributes coupled with the unbroken natural urge to play is the most fluent and natural way of growth, growth defined as the accumulation of own mental models of many complex systems/processes which connect/relate to other previous self constructed images of complex system/processes, which may before even have been generally seen as separate/unrelated, this is what we call innovation. It requires a mind of no expectations and regrets and a playful attitude towards the most complex systems/processes.

Unifying Simplification
An easy way to simplify something is to hide the system/process behind a mask/symbol. Create a single element out of it, which some one can more easily save within her/his own mental library. All complexity is hidden behind this mask/symbol and can easily be accessed within one’s own mind. The whole depth and it’s details do not need to be known since the overall concept is grasped.

This freedom of deciding if one wants to dig deeper into the plentyful connections and levels of complexity is what makes it more attractive to the observer. It gained the possibility to be fun/play.