Core combat mechanic tuning

Ok further tuning on the core game mechanics has been done.

You can now shoot during walking – It just felt to restricting before
You can now switch between lower and upper floating lane

So the gameplay can take place on 4 different corners.

This results in the player being able to dodge enemy projectiles as well as doing strategic decisions which lane to clean up first depending on the enemy type there.

lane gameplay


Jay Stansfield App removed

Due optimising my app portfolio towards the mainstream and/or my target audience I also removed the Jay Stansfield app from my app Portfolio on the apple App Store and the google play store. I actually deleted 28 apps before that because its a little heartbreak.

I still think he is a very talented artist and wish him the best on his way.

Reward Players to rate the App. Good or Bad?

Rewarding players to rate your App is highly effective, specially if your players are invested in your game and your reward delivers meaning. A while a go I had my App PewDiePug with 40’000 Active users permanently banned because of rewarding them to leave a rating. After removing the behaviour on my other Apps and iOS Versions, Apple featured an app doing exactly so.

„Rewarding Players to rate the App“
Features them
Banns/Removes them

What is the official statement from Apple’s site?
Does Apple official accept this?

Orcs – Archer Teaser

Teasing the new Archers which come with the next update of the game.


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Facebook Horde:…

We’re ship-wrecked on a stranded island, unknown and uncharted.
Orcs are frightened, we won’t survive if no one takes the lead…
Help us! Lead us!

We will follow you to fortune and glory, and together we conquer this dangerous new territory!
Strength and Honor!

In a lot of ways I see a great potential for Orcs to be a fun game play in 10 to 15 minutes doses

Noobsource Review:
„The mechanics are familiar to other cookie clicker style apps such as Make It Rain, but there some features that seem to set it apart, if slightly. You can build a fortress to hire warriors to send on a quest when you have enough wood to build a quest tower.“

„So, is orcs a game you should play? Well if Make it Rain is your kind of game, this is worth a shot. After speaking with David, there are new features coming in the next few weeks to provide some much needed motivation to keep playing such as raiding human settlements to prevent them from tearing down yours. „

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