Update 8.04: Moving Wood

Update goes live tomorrow! Just a small step but In the right direction. I hope!

orcs update promo 8.04 game indie.png

New Stuff!
+Flight Transport: Flying over to the new Island now each time transports wood. Up to 500’000 (500k).
+Boxes Drop Zone: Build a Drop Zone to get wood Boxes(100k) from the old island over time. (also ticks app closed)(Boxes will be empty if you have no wood on island 1)
(Golden Axe reduces the timer by /4)
+Mail Box Button: Added to the new Island
+Red Orc Letter added related to wood transport
+Tweak: Replaced Orc Warrior Upgrade Sound (funnier)

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The Emotion of your Art/Product

In every Art form you communicate with people more or less consciously deepening on your understanding of yourself.
Even if you do very flat art for the portrait objects sake only – you communicate that with it.

The more people can relate to your Art the more success you have.

Keeping your communication as Universal as possible can there for be the key to your success.
All Humans can be driven by emotions, since they sit much deeper in us as everything evolved later.

Emotions can press through that prefrontal cortex construct, what we call our personality and paint yourself fully in the colour of that Emotion. In other words they have to power to fully overtake you.
The stronger your Art/Product can immerse the consumer in that emotion the more of a pull you can build.

Seek for the most simple way to achieve the strongest emotional expression first.

Think about your favourite Song rather than your favourite movie.
They are short but very expressive resonating with your current emotional state, creating that permission slip to discover that emotion deeply with outer guidance and pulling you along, stimulating thoughts and dreams as well as actions.

So as a creator you want to create that product that appeals to a very specific emotion in a broad enough communication form and way to reach as much people as are drawn to it. FIgure out what emotion your product represents, this is an ongoing process and should be redone after you created the basic construct.

As your mental model may not match to what you actually have created.

Once you figured out what you have in front of you try to align every further component to that very emotion, enhancing and supporting that defined emotional core.

PewDiePug Edgar Work In Progress

Working on a small but highly anticipated! You will finally have the second dog in your PewDiePug mobile Game.
Once the Facebook Goal of 6500 Likes is reached he will arrive in your game and you will be able to select him through the left star menu. You will be able to switch between the two pugs with a simple click.

pewdiepug pewdiepie brofist games ios android maya edgar  Working on PewDiePug Edgar

The Amazon Store Version will have Edgar already today in a couple of hours.