Orcs X Update 1.2.98

Orcs X Update

+1 New Quest: Meet the Elv King! He drops a mysterious amulett what will it be good for?+1 Watcher Towers added: They will increase your daily delegate limit by up to +8.+VIP:Membership explanation improved.+Bug fixes and tweaks.

Dave and Nilo
Google Play:
iOS( live in +1-3 days):
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Google Play Store removed PewDiePug

Just one day after I made a video of how my most successful Game called “ PewDiePug “ starts paying my bills, Google Play suspended it. In other words removed it from their store.

Remove pewdiepug google play david zobrist

The reason there for is that I rewarded Players to rate the app in the store. They would get the reward for any rating they give the app but this seem to conflict with the Google Play Content Police.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 12.40.57

So it is gone…
This game is my main income stream and was played and loved by hundreds of thousands.
Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 12.32.00

Since they also threatened to delete all my other games and any google related account of mine I updated quickly all other apps using similar „Reward to Rate“ options.
pewdiepug games
I contacted them to please put my app back live so I can fix the problem.
Else I have to upload a fresh new version of it but would lose touch to the active installs of Players.
Meaning if Players want an updated version they would need to start from the beginning in the new app.

…sad day