I thought about why jokes make us happy

This is my humble idea.

A joke loosens/breaks constrains of a specific thought context and we all would love to losen up our tight thinking. A tight thinking which is of pragmatical nature since we had/have to survive and think „straight“.
Comedians often hear „your going to far“ as they hit on strong established mental walls which could lead to danger.

But also in a regular social small talk context the joke jumps out of the regular thought box. This expansion makes us happy, its a tension release.

At-least this was my conclusion when I was high.
And i still think it makes sense.

Happy New Year guys and girls!

Sporty into the new year..
The Silvester Pancake Running 2014 (10 km) over a cold, wet and slippery mountain. But we did it!

After the half I would have lied into the snow and given up without my girl Karolina . I wish a happy year to everyone here that keeps on supporting me and enjoys my games and also to those who don’t. Have a happy new year everyone!!

Laug geschaft David Zobrist Karolina Gljier