Brofist Legend Game Update

Game Update released!
(iOS 7 days later)

+Power Hit:
If you got the magical Ring of Barrels your Bro now every 6 seconds hits with a Power hit dealing twice as much damage as a normal hit.

3 New Quests leading you forward on your way to conquer Barrel Island

+Bug fix:
Fixed a bug that made you pay for quests but you couldn’t play it.

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Duck Defense a Brofist Legend is live now

My newest mobile game title just went live. The Android versions first (iPhone 7 days later)
Enjoy and give me feedback,
David Z.

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iOS App Store(15.8.2015 live):

You are a Duck, protect your sponge with your brofist against the Barrels.
+Become a master at watching your Duck throwing fists at Barrels.
+Find over 18 collectables such as PewDiePug, Titan Mech etc. or buy em and reward Apple and myself for this masterpiece.
+Endless mode: There is no end!! Stay here..please..

+Join the Legend via Facebook and learn more about the other Stuff

Brofist Legend out for iOS now!

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“We’re ship-wrecked. Stranded on a deserted island. Bro’s are frightened, we won’t survive if no one takes the lead…”
Help us! Lead us! We will follow you to fortune and glory, and together we WILL conquer this dangerous new territory!
Strength and Honor!

Brofist Legend is based on the loved cookie clicker concept and extends it with fortress building and quests.

This is the simplest, funniest and most addictive RPG Action game on the Appstore! If you love 8 bits games feeling and tapping games, this is your game!

If you were looking for Tap Games, Orcs vs Knights games, tap tap or rpg tapper games then Brofist Legend is what you need!

Brofist Legend – Cookie Clicker RPG

Hi guys! My newest Cookie Clicker RPG similar to Orcs my succesful previous title. This one is called Brofist Legend.
And you fight as Bros against the evil Illuminati Barrels. If that not has convinzed you to give it a shoot here the teaser trailer:

Free Download:
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Edgar the black Pug about to arrive in PewDiePug the mobile Game

Edgar will join PewDiePug the iOS and Android Mobile Game once we reached 6500 Likes on the Facebook Page.
And we’re sooo close now..
So Like and Share the Page and this post to make it happen.

Thanks Bro’s!

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