Sneak peak of Sha Cat Update 1.1 (post 23rd April)

So the game is not yet out (23rd april) but there is already plenty of new content for the first game update (version 1.1) coming up.

I already painted new backgrounds for 8 new levels which will bring the cat lady in a tropical mystical area.

Here a first sneak peak:
I really love how the colors match up in the new levels. Additional to the 8 new levels of update 1.1 there will be also a new feature.

Tripod of Powers
The idea is that the tripod will become available after finishing level 5.
It will enable the player to learn combo spells and passive powers which will be triggered by chance in battles.
I’m not yet sure how it will work exactly but here have a first look.

Best Greetings,

Challenge Curves and Emotional reward

My game is looking very girly but it had until last week mainly battles as content. So I figured how to put narrative sequences into the game without making them annoying or game flow breaking. (judged by my own opinion only so far)

Challenge Flow (Game mechanics)
So within each chapter I have 4 levels, in order to create a drama I increase the difficulty from 1 to 4.
Challange Game Design Curve
Ending most Chapters with a boss which means an enemy with more HP, which is a longer battle.
Together with some Dramatic music we have a gameplay chapter climax.

Problem: By playing trough I realized even if the challenge tension varies, the player still does  not get any breaks. And my game is very action oriented, it felt kind of exhausting.

Solution: So I decided to put Emotions Sequences in, a lot of game design knowledge today tells you that it is very bad to make „none skippable cinematic scene“ between the game flow. I disagree the point is simply they should not feel like interruptions, they should be introduced as rewards. I remember back then in a game like final fantasy it felt very rewarding to lean back after a challenging boss and look at the movie.

The 3 Main Story Sequences in Sha Cat (so far):

Intro (pre-level 1)
Create enter point to the drama and introducing the characters – showing their relation.
Sha Cat Romance iphoneSha Cat Drama iphone

Flash back – Baby Dragon Story (pre-level 4)
Create an emotional bound between dramatic past and the cute dragon eyes.
Dragon Sha Cat iphone gameDragon spide sha cat iphone game

Flash back – Birth of Love (pre-level 9)
Empathize the strong relation bound between the two cats.

Sha Cat romantic

Sha Cat – Finished the first 8 Levels! :)

So I got done the first 8 levels for my Sha Cat Lady. Feels Good.
Here some Screenshots of the two Level select Screens, each containing 4 levels
which have to get progressively unlocked by winning levels.Bild 

The Plan
Until level 8 the game is totally free. In level 8 you arrive on a golden door, blocking your way.
You need the golden key for it, which you only can get by buying it, for around 1.99 Euro.
That’s basically buying the game or upgrading to premium. This will be the only time the player will experience a flow blocker in my game. But somehow I need to make money too.
I like food.