Pixel Mage Update 1.2

Small Update for the Pixel Mage.
Still think this game should get a bit more Love, i am happy with it but there is always things that can be improved.

So for now button size has been increased by 10%.



Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 23.54.40


Core combat mechanic tuning

Ok further tuning on the core game mechanics has been done.

You can now shoot during walking – It just felt to restricting before
You can now switch between lower and upper floating lane

So the gameplay can take place on 4 different corners.

This results in the player being able to dodge enemy projectiles as well as doing strategic decisions which lane to clean up first depending on the enemy type there.

lane gameplay

Sha Cat Preview

The Sha Cat is coming! 

Slip into the role of the shamanistic cat lady and enter a bizarre world. Battle through a horde of creatures to save your kidnapped boyfriend which has been stolen by a granny.
Collect mushrooms to buy dresses which will make you more powerful. Meet friends along the way which will join you in your Battles.

-Skill based gameplay where every move matters!
-Master a set of shaman Spells which you unlock as you progress!
-Collect mushrooms and dress up your Cat! This will make her shamanistic power grow!
-Friendly creatures will join your side in battle.

Release: April 2014
Platform: iPhone and iPod

Sha Cat Action
Sha Cat Clothes
Sha Cat Story
Sha Cat Magic
Sha Cat Drama

A cat game – The Internet belongs to Cats

I do it for the cats
Since we all know cats made us develop the internet so they can push their egos by making us spread videos of them online, I want to jump on this Trend, since it just doesn’t seem to stop..

A shamanistic Cat
Here a first Screenshot of my most recent project. Going into direction „cute“ combined with a touch of magic and action, thats the goal for my next creation. The female hero will be a cute cat, whose boyfriend get’s stolen by an evil Grandma. The cat will make herself on the way to save her love…

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 20.32.05

More soon!