Marketing Channels Update and Creating a Mental reference!

Just a small update/note of what Marketing Channel I’m currently running.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 02.16.33

-This beautiful Blog,
-Twitter which still represents The Sha Man Game but soon will change to the new Project.
-Youtube Channel, I will run my own, because I think it can be a very powerful tool. I still have to create the Channel Intro Video.
-The Facebook Page I share public as soon I reveal the name of my new app/game.

I don’t have a Development Team Name or Logo!
Right now I do my games without any reference to the developer, me. I have no brand, logo or visual representation that could stick in the mind of people. That’s pretty alternative and maybe also dumb. Even due it appears very egocentric I thought about labeling my games simply with my name in the beginning. „DAVID ZOBRIST PROUDLY PRESENTS..“

Thats pretty much it for now.