Is it over?

I thought by now it might have led me to something bigger. But I am still struggling. And I’m exhausted.
Of course I see it as a big achievement already being able to make this full time for 4 years.
But now I started doing simple mini-jobs on the side to keep the money coming in.
I took a whole month learning Unity and C#, since I feel limited by my current Game Engine (Game salad) how ever I cant see the big target I should aim towards and I don’t have that naive energy anymore which I started out with.

.. Maybe time to quit this..

my perfectionistic behaviour turns out to be the main killer of my motivation

the more work I put into it the harder it becomes to keep on working on it or progress ahead.

Since you know everything you add now will have to live up to the base which you already polished over and over again.

my perfectionistic behaviour turns out to be the main killer of my motivation

On the other hand if I do quick games I have no problems finish them up and not worry too much, which most of the time doesn’t result in a good outcome but sometime it does and atleast it gets out.

Creepy and Orc where somewhere in the middle. I really have to force myself to accept and close the first levels and move on or make the next levels rough form before starting to polish anything again.

Motivation Videos

While I work started to listen to a lot of podcasts and interviews with people which interest me right now. And since I’m trying to making a business for the long run I also ended up at this entrepreneur motivation videos.

Right now I’m listening to a lot of Seth Godin and Tony Robbins, which are successful coaches for entrepeneurs.

Tony Robbins – Why we do what we do

Seth Godin – Thinking like a winner