Deleted 25 Apps in total within one Week

So since the last post (2 posts below) I kept on looking at my app portfolio. And kept deleting the weakest apps day by day.
Until I reached the point where there where only quality apps left but still some of them do not generate the downloads or money I could expect of apps I can create now. So with a hard feeling I also deleted good apps like:

-2014 Goal Keeper
-Three Levels
-All points
-1 Power
-redDot Tap
-Ben Bear
-Kittys Wonderland

It will help to keep the focus on what works best and not be distracted with this small side ideas, because I know I will delete them. The weakest have to go.

Increasing the Quality of my App Portfolio

I reached my 40th launched app within under 2 years, a lot of learnings have been made since the first titles. And some of them do not longer stand the quality that I want to represent and also don’t perform significant enough to leave em within my app portfolio. So its time to delete some apps in order to improve the overall quality of what my name (David Zobrist) stands for.

The first Apps which will be permanently removed are:

The Sha Man
2013: My very first launched app as indie game developer

The Sha Cat
2013: The Rpg game I put months of love into did not work out..its time to say goodbye

Stone Age – Survival Hunter
2013: One of my earliest arcade games

1 Cruise
2013: Geometric endless runner game

Fresh Road
2014: A childish reaction on the big success of my apple featured app Three Points

2014: A simple reaction game

Long Tongue
2014: Simple snap the flies arcade game

23 Points
2014: A reaction based math game

A Turtle Race
2014: Funny idea but kind of crappy excuted

2014: Trippy Stuff

Booze Tower
2014: Tapping shooting something..

Six Points 
2014: Color Matching with geometric shapes, Three Points is the big one so this one can go

Four Points
2014: Same.

Five Points
2014: Same.

Alpha Breaker
2014: Graphics nice gameplay not excited well enough

Ace Tennis
2014: Second collaboration with Sabba Keynejad, who I made Pewdiepug and Three Points with

Soar to new heights
2014: A cooperation with Jon Poischen for a game salad competition. We have another game, Human Harvest which has a lot of potential this one tough can go..

Rest in Peace.