RedDot Tap – Reaction Game

RedDot Tap

Hurry! Tap all the red dots, but avoid the other colors! Enjoy a charming little game that will keep you on your toes for hours! Optimized just for you and iOS 8!


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Darkslide – Reaction Game


You do not know the power of the darkslide! This optically challenging black and white game will push your skills to the limits! How many bars can you pass to reach your maximum high score? Made for you and optimized for iOS 8!


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All Points – Quick tests for your reactive mind

There are a lot of „point“ games this week!
Small challenges for your reactive mind. Shut down your auto-correcting voice and just go with the flow.

So here is the total list:
Two Points –
Three Points –
Four Points –
Five Points –
Six Points –
All Points – Coming this Saturday!

6 Points Game color match David Sabba iphone 5   Five Points David Zobrist Puzzle Match iphone 5

Reactive Mind VS Mental Mind and Ego

I’m right now programming a bunch of reaction games and for their sake, I’m playing them heavily to make them perfect.

During my play sessions I tried to come up with clever systems to make myself a more efficient player, like counting the amount of actions that are required for the next success pattern etc.

Some of these methods quickly sank into me and started to happen without me having to think about them.
They became habitual.

I quickly realized that the systems I was most proud of because they made the most sense to me actually went in the way and I achieved less score then before. Only by letting go of this systems and going back to the „just play“ method, I became successful again.
I stepped back and let go, me and my plans vanished and the habitual/automatic self took over, I entered the flow state.

I found it really insightful that I discovered that the only thing to perform the best, was to forget about myself and let it happen.