Wizard game update

I really should start thinking about a game name..
Here the development updates:

So after letting my girlfriend play I figured the blocking guys are creating no fun at this state (level1) for the player. I will put the shielding goblins in a later level in combination with some other goblins.

I made these chargers instead.

Also there is now cave decoration and healing potions right after the first harder encounter as a mini reward – you deserve it




Creepy Game Trailer

My newest game creation a nostalgic simple arcade shooter with a total amount of 12 levels. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know in the comments what you think.


Google Play:

Amazon Appstore:


Our scientists found a race of strange, undead life forms. Little did we know that our experiments would upset the creatures, making them nigh uncontrollable. Desperate circumstances forced our hand to modify one of them to fight his brethren, we called it “Creepy”.

+ Retro Platform Gameplay without jumping
+ Shoot and Shield Core Mechanic
+ 12 Challenging Levels to beat

Can you finish the game?

Firefly – Action Pilot

New week – New Game. This time very arcade and retro. It also supports Game Center for sharing your high-score with other players. Can’t say more have to make more game app’s.

Firefly – Action Pilot
„Destroy as many tanks as you can while avoiding their fire! Get a highscore which you can compare worldwide with other players. Stay sharp in your flight, Pilot!“
Download it free for your iPhone now:

Firefly - Action pilot iphone4  Firefly Menu Action iphone4 Firefly Action Pilot Game iphone4