Update 8.05: Flappy Zeppelin Grinding

The last update felt incomplete for me so here a second Update this week.
(live tonight on Android, 2 days later on iOS)

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+Permanent Mini-game: Zeppelin Transport Mastery added to Island 2.
Each gained Zeppelin Lvl will increase the Wood transported to the new Island.
For both the mini-game and the Wood Box drop. (max. 500k*lvl and max. 100k*lvl)
Each Zeppelin Lvl also grants +1 Score.
Wood Transported by screen change from Island 1 to Island 2 is fix max. 500k.
+In-app options pop up added to the new island. Golden Axe also decreases timer time by /4.
+Tweak: iOS Game Center log in only happens on trophy touch not on scene starts (was annoying)
+Bug fix: Wood Boxes would sometimes drop to early – fixed (Timers does NOT longer tick app closed)

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Orcs: New Game Patch 6.1

New Game Version out
Quest series continues:
+1 Spooky Castles Chamber 3 has opened!
+Speed and Difficulty Tweaks on Spooky Castles Chamber 2 and 1
Chop Chop Screen:
+Bat added to the Orc Chop Chop screen as long the Spooky quest series is active
+Loading Bar for quests added
+After quest 9 internet is required to play, or having the golden axe will enable you to play offline.