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Today is Sha Cat’s launch day and I’m busy spreading the word I got some surprising support out of my twitter community and others that discovered Sha Cat.
The Game now arrived in the list of the Touch Arcade Live Stream, where they play fresh released games in front of an gamer audience. Touch arcade is one to the biggest sites when it comes to mobile gaming and this would be major if it appears in this Stream. So I let’s hope this works out.

There are already very positive reaction which bring joy to a developers heart.

Sha Cat Game Download Link:

Each free download supports the games visibility in the store, even more power have your comments and ratings, which you can give in the App Store.

The Sha Man Update 1.4

I made an update for my smaller first iPhone game app I created last december.
This is now version 1.4. I cleaned up some rough layouts. The game is much wilder and harder then Sha Cat will be, if your interested get it. Every sold version will enable me to eat and sleep in a warm apartment.

Download it here:

Sha Cat – The face of the marketing campaign

I am a nerdy game designer, fantasy role playing games like Diablo 2, World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 7 are my background.
But the mobile market is casual, so I have to align a little bit and in my deepest core I am happy about it too.
My girlfriend always reminds me if something looks to nerdy and helps me to keep the cute and elegant touch. I’m getting better at it but still a way to go. Ah, jeah that’s a photo we took in Berlin this girl is the face of the Sha Cat marketing campaign.

„Once upon a time there was a little girl in a big city, who was challenged by #ShaCat… Are you also ready for the#challenge?“