Shroomy becomes Lebkuchen

Ok! Lebkuchen is „Waiting for Review“ its the replacement for the rejected Shroomy, which was rejected by apple because they are not cool with Shrooms a.k.a Magic Mushrooms.So I have to go for a more innocent cause of the trip like effects the game is about.
Shroomy became Lebkuchen. Same game as before but a legal metaphor.Probably available Novemeber for your iPhone and iPad (new).David zobrist Lebkuchen Shroomy

Lebkuchen iphone zobrist Lebkuchen iphone david zobrist Lebkuchen Zobrist

Shroomy – Work in Progress

New month and already a bunch of new gaming apps crafted with my own hands and love await you. Since I had 3 magic mushroom trips this year I also deal in my work with the topic and now made a game about a magic mushroom trip. The Gameplay is similar to PewDiePug which is the most revenue generating app of mine so far. People seem to really play the game over a longer time period since it has less downloads as for example Three Points, which is the second most revenue generating app, right now.

The app is already awaiting the approval by apple. which I hope happens. On Android the app already went live but as always I can’t tell you how it looks there since I do not own an Android device to actually test the games. Which isn’t very professional but thats how I role.

Here the game link for Android: shroomy david zobrist work in progress