Game Design: Finding the essence of what we do

The market has blossomed, from the earliest baby steps to the booming industry the gaming market is today.
Mobile clearly being at the top of it, as everyone caries a smartphone, the digital extension of one self.
A smartphone is more than just a gadget, it is personal and empowering.

Any skepticism against the technology is already way back in our subconscious, as the spider creates the web to live in it – we create technology/tools that enrich our senses and capabilities. Humans are a part of nature and what ever we create is natural.

As the gaming field grows, more and more people call them self Game Designer, it becomes this fancy term of a prestige role „the creative“. Not that we should exclude anyone that wants to participate on this discovery. But there is as in any field people that just come for the money and trend, but they are not really connect to the core drive.
I don’t see myself as a game designer anymore. We are humans playing with the little kitten technology. We try to break down walls, go for a real connection, a real moment.


What we want are no titles or definitions. We are on the way toward something and the only way to ever reach it is in the activity itself.

That’s my call to all of you. Don’t read the tutorials and theories. Do it!  Just build, break down and do it again. Don’t lose yourself in the ideas of others.

Go for simplicity and innovation something that is closer to us not further away.

Gamemanifest – Diary 17 – Build a Complexe game on a simple Foundation

My thought on building complexity based on a strong game mechanic foundation. Start simple, think about the triangle mechanic from „Rock, Paper, Scissors“ and go from a root as simple as this example. Add an mechanic and connect it to the already existing ones. Build from the minimum up to create a rich experience.

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