Sketching silhouettes

Sketching silhouettes of the next cloth set’s for the powerful cat lady. I had the last 3 days a huge down, as an independent your mood swings can become very fluid, changing between feeling to be on the right path and fear tainting your hopes and motivation and temporarily taking away all your believe in yourself and work. But the sun this morning re-powered my system i’m now back on track.

Cat Cloth Sets:
I already finished the first 5 of the total 10 clothing sets that I will ship with the release. These sketches are for the 5 missing ones.

6-Phenix Bird
7-Crocodile Hunter
8-Voodoo Priest
9-Samurai Warrior
10-Shaman Master

The Head pieces do increase the Chance to hit a powerful critical strike (*2 Damage).
The Body pieces do increase the health.
The Paw’s pieces do increase the scratch and spell damage.