Struggling with the progressing

5/8 is done
I got a lot of mixed feelings about this one tough
its not as easy for me to finish somehow
I also wish I could share it with you guys via Arcade.
But the hmtl5 version is totally fucked up and doesn’t work at all.
It seems to handle a lot of behaviours totally different than the editor and mobile versions

I find myself a lot of time comparing the game to my last hit game „creepy“ and forcing this game to live up to it. Putting a lot of pressure on it.

Doing a lot of work and then deleting it again.
For example I had 2 levels already in coded where the wizard was young and followed the white rabbit in the magic temple to learn the cloud and fire spell.

I deleted it all because I didn’t like it.


The Struggle of an Indie Developer

Overall I do this now full time since one year and Three Points was my 20th app. So far none of the apps made really noticeable money. But I see em as learnings and progress, its just a matter of keep on doing it.

This month was the first profitable. iAd made 800 usd and chartboost (late implementation -3 weeks to late) made 200 usd this week my artist/partner Sabba Keynejad made a deal with a guy from California we made em a clone of four points for 2000 usd which was good money.

So this month was around 3000 usd which I split 50% with Sabba because he made my concept big and helped form em into perfect simple versions.

I just think its an extreme hard business and I would suggest no one to start with games that take to long and rather go for a lot of quick learnings until you know what the crowd thinks is a good game and not your own Ego. I still sometimes struggle with that and end up shipping small games that feel really fun to work on but once I shipped and some time passed I realize that they are not as awesome as it felt to build em and they are way to inaccessible for the crowd.

Some People now start to clone my best games but this whole cloning doesn’t bother me too much, since I don’t think that there is something like the ultimate idea or concept, there is an endless amount of ideas that want to be expressed, no reason to be locked in to a specific.

The only wish I really have is that I can keep on doing and stop worrying about money. Thats the dream…

Got roughly money left until March 2015. So back to work.

Crossroad – Security or step into the darkness

Wednesday I experienced an extreme down, I had to send away my girlfriend which came over. Since I couldn’t deal with anyone else and just had to be alone. She is awesome and understood the situation, she supported me since the beginning.

I arrived on a another big crossroad right now.
The founding which had financially backed me up the last 6 months, just expired. So I’m totally on my own with far to less income to survive of it. A ex-collegeau, Jakob Braunisch contacted me and told me about a job offer at King Berlin, the company which made candy crush, a position as level designer is available. This guy already organized another good job for me back than at Young Internet/Goodbeans. We had a very inspiring talk on a dinner together with his girlfriend, as a Result I made the newest game „1 Power“ which I handed in to Apple today.

But the point is that there would be now the choice to apply with the help of Jakob at King for the open position and become an employe again. This sounds perfect for the careful, fearful and sometimes wise voice in me, since I still could develop apps on the side.

But on this wednesday this exploded in me and ate me from inside out. I would not have the energy to continue doing what I do, I would delay or even abandon my real destiny, of course I would work on games at King and it would be awesome for my resume but…

It makes me so sad inside…but of course I have to live of something… But I just feel like I’m about to start.. maybe just a bit longer…I’m growing so much right now…

I have money left for the next 3-4 months and could save some extra 1-2 month by moving to my girlfriend and rent out my current place.

So sail to a save harbor or walk into the darkness to see what it brings?