As closer I come to the release of my projects the more self critical I become.

When I start off designing games I think about what kind of game I would like to play and I create this world in my head. During the development I have this critical voice in my head to make it better and better and that works out good and I can see my game blossoming.

But when I come close to a release this voice becomes very strong not only doubting features of the game or scenes, no the whole project itself or even deeper I doubt myself strongly.

As a result I add features stressfully in the game, or remove stuff I had for ages. The main problem is the „add stuff“ reaction.

Since I waste a lot of time and move into a big risk of breaking existing stuff when I do changes like this quick in last minute.
Sometimes I do such a rush work and 5 minutes later I realize that its crap and remove it again. It feels like my mind wants to sabotage me in this situation.

So doubts rise as I move closer to the point where I put my work and with this myself in front.
Which I also have observed during my time as an employe, where the whole team moves into this panic hectic state.

So I guess its common. It’s weird to be aware of something and still mostly having no influence of what happens to you anyways.