Orcs Update 8.16: Details and Flair

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+Crystal Mines: Mining Cart added after Quest +=7 (+5k crystals per cart)
+Island 1: Meat is now also created while you are on other locations
+Island 2 Music Theme and Orc on a Boat added after building the first Scout Tower
+Island 2 Fisher Orc and Meat Pot added after the Fisher House is created
+Island 1 Halls of mastery: Added a cleaning Orc as decoration ( Wounds +=6)
+Balancing: Island 2 Wood boxes amount increased +200%
+Small Bug fixes and Tweaks

Thanks to Max Zięba for translating the store description into Polish

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Deleted 25 Apps in total within one Week

So since the last post (2 posts below) I kept on looking at my app portfolio. And kept deleting the weakest apps day by day.
Until I reached the point where there where only quality apps left but still some of them do not generate the downloads or money I could expect of apps I can create now. So with a hard feeling I also deleted good apps like:

-2014 Goal Keeper
-Three Levels
-All points
-1 Power
-redDot Tap
-Ben Bear
-Kittys Wonderland

It will help to keep the focus on what works best and not be distracted with this small side ideas, because I know I will delete them. The weakest have to go.

Orcs – We’re ship-wrecked on a stranded island, unknown and uncharted.

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Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=davidzobrist.orcsgame

Amazon Store: http://www.amazon.de/David-Zobrist-Orcs/dp/B00S4OA1DK

We’re ship-wrecked on a stranded island, unknown and uncharted. Orcs are frightened, we won’t survive if no one takes the lead… Help us! Lead us! We will follow you to fortune and glory, and together we conquer this dangerous new territory! Strength and Honor!

Orcs David Zobrist Game



5 Star Rating for Sha Cat

Sha Cat the iPhone game received a 5 star rating in every category by appcomrade.com.
A review site for mobile gaming.

„Every part of this game is perfect. From the soundtrack to the graphics and combat system you won’t be disappointed.“
Octavian Ristea, appcomrade.com


Read more about it here: