This weekend a new Orcs X update roles out!

Orcs X Crystal Mines Update
Cheers Dave and Nilo
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Orcs X Update 1.2.90:

Hi! We know this update took a while. But I just married! So everything took a bit longer than normal. With this update we are adding the last building of Island 1.
And we will start going deeper…
Dave and Nilo
What’s new:
+Quest 37 and 38 added
+Minning Drill: Dig into the depths of the island to uncover new gains.
+Expanded Smith: The smith now has a second set of smithables available after quest 12.
+New Skill: The Boots unlock the Warrior Skill „Shield Wall“ which reduces all dmg taken for a given amount of time.
+In The chat you can now tap player names to get infos about them.
+Meat Pot: The pot unlocks with house lvl 17! And you get one meat every 1 minute up to 12 pieces.
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Update 1.2.6: The Cave is here!

Orcs update 1.2.6 David Zobrist Danilo Hoffman Game
What’s new?

+New Quests 15 to 17!
+Balancing: The wood tap bonus by the spear lady got increased 5% -> 20%
+Usability: There is a tree icon in the options pop up that brings you back to your tree immediately.
+‎Usability: swiping over the village is more fluid now
+Tweaks: Repeatable quests do not longer play the intro cinematics and the loot from the chest is immediately .
+Not visible yet: Preparations on our site for the Doggy.
+Bugfixes and Improvements

If you want to translate for your language please contact us via Facebook.

Nilo and Dave

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Orcs X Update 1.2

Orcs updatr 1.2 Danilo David Zobrist Hoffmann game ios android clicker
Dear Orcs,

the new update is here!

What’s new?

+1 New Battle Orc: The Orc Spear Lady can be unlocked!
+5 New Quests!
+1 New forgeable item: Warrior Sword, unlocking his first fix ability.
+1 New grindable Quest, dropping the resource back hair.
+New Houses: You can now build Orc apartments and increase the max. meat +2 for each.
+1 new achievement and passive
+New experimental premium feature for Gold Axe owners:
Via the in-game chat you can now write with other Orc players.
(current max. 20 at the same time, expands on demand in future, so don’t be sad if the chat doesn’t load for you)
+Bug fixes and tweaks

New language support for:
+Russian by Eugene Matveyev (Altrimgot)
+French by: Florian Haehnel
+Lithuanian by Viktoras Sutkus
+Czech by Joachim Veselý (pHghost)

Dave and Nilo

Edit: there was a freeze in quest 7 and 10 and the orc select screen not hiding which is fixed in 1.2.11 – be sure you have that version

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Orcs X Update 1.1

iPhone 5.5 @2.6x 1080x1920.png

Update 1.1 is finally here!

+Content: 3 New quests added!
+Second currency „Resin“ added. The juice of trees can be harvested daily.
+New feature! „Enhancements“ added to the stranded shipwreck, 4 of them for now.
+Tweak: The gold axe now also removes ad banners

Various bug fixes and tweaks.


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Update 8.23: On your side Buddy!

+Red Orc Quest added: Defend your friends village and gain the Red Orc Leader as a new Team Member!
+Bug Fix: Town hall: Maximum level was not recognised, fixed. ( Players that passed it remain on their level = score)

red orcs warcraft blizzard david zobrist

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Update 8.21: I am Back!

Was busy learning Unity3d and C# for future Projects.
Orcs warcraft games blizzard pewdiepie mfpalltyime blizzcon.png

+Sahara Town Hall: Levels now effect the progress on the Island (until lvl 4 so far)
+Crystal Color Matching Game: Reaching above a key Score now adds a multiplier on the forging Points gained.
(Purple >80 , Blue >50, Gold>50)
+Red Orcs letter added after defeating the Crystal Mines Boss
*Tweak: The Town Hall now has a Level up effect

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Put an eye on Orcs Update 8.20

orcs game clicker tap ios android best new.gif
+Crystal Mines Final Quest: Boss added

This Update officially ends the content for the Crystal Mines

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Update 8.18: Expansion

orcs update promo shot 2

Update 8.18: Expansion
+Sahara: Scout Tower 2: Scouting Missions 1 to 3
(required to see the sahara guy now)
+Town hall can now be  upgraded (outcomes in a future update)
+Crystal Mines: All Purple Craft-ables added
+Tweak: Sahara: House navigation button added bringing one back to the Woodbox
+Tweak: Sound effects for Laboratory added

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