Trying to find Balance

Dear Diary,
its around three months ago that I could let go into sleep around common times. Right now it is around 3 AM, I’m listening to some mediative music mix and try to relax my jaw and shoulder muscles. While my brain bombards me with thoughts about the uncertain future.

My self independence started off with a new found balance between work and rest. I meditated and did sport. Somewhere on the road I lost this balance again.

Right now I find sleep around 5 AM, I awake some when in the middle of the day.
I drink a few sips, shower and lie back on my bed to work on my next title and look through the digital window into the world. The last three days have reached a new extreme, I forgot to eat and ended up only eating 1 meal before I try to force myself to rest and sleep again.

Im about to encounter another cross road of my live, I handed in my business plan and the required documents to get a founder support from the government. The outcome financially decides if I will be able to do this full time for the next 6 months. Or If I either have to use all my savings to do this project or apply for a job and move this whole thing on the side again.

Im back to my meditation..


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