Games and the existential Threat

What are digital Games?
Games are nothing less as the total sum of the human achievement. They combine mathematics and logic with inspiring visual Art, Music and Sound and directly interact with the human psychology, they let us experience something which is beyond our reach and let us temporarily transcend our mortal deathly flesh to emerge with the experience itself. that let us transcend Digital games are the manifestations of our imagination, we become able to share our inner worlds in a form never possible before and this lets us experience „the other“. Games directly appeal to our psychological wants and needs and reveal  them. Games have a major impact on the entire tree of technological evolutions and their influence will grow, Games are the number one reason to drive IT hardware performance further.

Urge to play – Testing Limits without existential risk
The urge to play is the flip side of the coin to existential threats.
Species play to develop their understanding of their circumstances, meaning they develop skills and explore alternative options without running into a existential risk of doing something wrong which could result in death. So its only a game as long the result of failing isn’t threatening.


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