Amanita Muscaria (flying agaric) a.k.a SuperMario Mushroom

Amanita Muscaria (flying agaric) a.k.a #SuperMario Mushroom is the currency in ShaCat. This fungus is wrongly associated with being deadly poisonous. In fact it isn’t, It’s close cousins are the deadly one’s and killed people which mixed them up. The Amanita Muscaria is a deliriant and was used for ritualistic purpose and consumed by berserkers before they went to a battle in order to boost their recklessness.

Investing into building a Market Presence

Today I’ll start investing some money in the online presentation (amount of likes) of the Sha Cat Facebook Page and the young Youtube Channel.

Current statistic:
Facebook: 41 likes (page below)
Youtube: 120 views (video below)

Facebook Ads:
Starting to use Facebook Ads with very specific target audience
13-17 year old Girls from Germany which like candy crush, iPhone, cat and games.

1day/8 Euro
6 days/48 Euro

=108 Likes per day estimated

Youtube Ads
A specific picked video of mine will be featured via Google AdWords.

7.38 Euro per day = 450 views per day estimated
6 days / 44,28 Euro

Total cost this week:
92,28 Euro

Let’s Check the results by end of the Week.
Best regards,