I just can’t sleep. even due I was actually doing sport today, some jogging…

Project wise I didn’t achieved much today, craving around on social platforms where we (my girlfriend and me) made a good bunch of new followers..

But they may would had have appeared without my influence anyways. So I blame myself for not having made enough progress today. And on the other hand I’m angry on myself that I can’t give myself a break. It’s just one of these days I guess.

It’s 2:39 AM and I really tried to find rest but I can’t, my head is spinning. And I jump on my thoughts like a hungry wolf on a sheep.

Sometimes I miss the mental balance I had when I was a super fit, motivated and young brick layer. Working physically made one so tired that thoughts would not get enough energy to sustain themselves.

Maybe I just will start working out more often again. I have to discipline myself and observe more carefully when I fall in this poisonous spiral of checking out all the social media channels over and over again, it is also a purely egocentric behavior.

2 Gedanken zu “Sleeplessness

  1. Ja schlafen solltest du schon. FB etc checken das kenne ich gut man verhängt dort. Mach die docheinen Tagesplan mit Pausen und ab 18.00 relaxen TV Freundin Sport oder so was 23.00 ins Bett… 8.00 Tagwache
    Mach es gut

    • 🙂 Ich bin nicht so diszipliniert. Ich geniesse die zeitliche Freiheit und denke nicht das man mit „fix“ Arbeitszeiten sein volles Potenzial entfalten kann. Man muss das sein wenn es fliesst. Aber ich gehe ab Morgen wieder zum Fitness.

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