The internet as the Neural Network of Earth

The internet I like to compare with the neural network in our brain. Since it serves the same purpose, to link information to create a bigger picture. This makes us to? Thoughts and Ideas of planet earth.

You are a thought construct:
You are not who you think you are. Because this is just a thought. Some of you might remember that you have existed before you got your name or even knew what a name is. Back then you were probably much closer connect to your real self than now. We tend to identify with what we have experienced and learned this is creating walls around us but at the same time this is defining us. And it’s important to be able to be identified or other humans will be scared of you, because the unknown and unpredictable is scary to us. So many of us have become their Character like for myself that would be „David“. But the fact remains that this is a name given by my parents to have a sound for them and others to call me and save experiences connected to my personality. So you are a thought construct, a design created through circumstances, environment and choices.

Neural network:
The internet now links us all together making us to single thoughts of a higher technological consciousness. So in a way you could even say the earth is/becomes this big living thing which now organizes all the small ideas to create a collective awarness.
Some cool changes that the internet may does inspire in time, could lead to benefits like this:

-Internet will be available for everyone. Giving everyone a voice that can be heard globally.
-Information is not longer a power instrument that can be used for mass hypnosis. This is already breaking down.
-It will take it’s time but I’m sure we don’t need any political figures in our future, Ideas will be pitched and globally voted for or against.
-Early eduction will be able to be consumed at home, within a known environment and the direct support of you family members.


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