Post Mortem – What’s wrong with my games?

Post Mortem – It did not pay off
I finished two game projects over the last 6 months. For both I worked through nights and tried the best possible  to make them shine. The effort did not pay off at all. Except some flattering words and good critiques, I’m happy that at least some players have played them .

Check out the statistics:
(iTunes only)
Units per month shows the amount of downloads. Consider that „The Sha Man“ was priced and had no marketing.
Sha Cat had intense marketing (unfortunately couldn’t reach the market making big sites). And I invested roughly 300 euro in marketing. Beside that I did obvious marketing fail investments (article coming soon) I conclude my games are just not ready yet, to appeal to the masses.

Conclusion – Make it simple make it meaningful
Since I try  to make a living out of it I do now re-orient myself, let’s hope this road is paying off . I will switch to create smaller apps in a much higher frequency instead of investing months into one project and than having a hard time receiving any attention. It’s time to speed up the development process and increase my portfolio variance.

I will create a lot of app’s all of them free using iAD, a Banner service that pays me for player impressions. Which fit’s best for such small games.

Looking forward  ->   (Hidden Future)
I’m actually released from a big pressure to make it artistically appealing.
The more time you invest in a project the more you can feel the pressure rising.
I now focus on simple game mechanics, game app’s I can finish in 3 days up to an absolute maximum of a week.
This will enable me to swim through different waters and test them and maybe discover my niche.

Dave 🙂