PewdiePie Fan App – PewdiePug

So the iPhone app PewdiePug, featuring Pewdiepie’s Doggy is live since last saturday and already achieved a tons of downloads and positive Player review’s. If you look at Pewdie’s youtube success and his overall internet fame , that’s no wonder. It is a clever move to go for a famous you tuber and make a so called Fan App. You will very likely tap into the fan community area and have an extended or pretty well defined target audience. So what ever, It worked.
Pewdiepie Pug
And the app even made it into the top 100 free category in 28 Countries in iTunes.
But since the iAD’s Banner did not appear I made no money and the stress based on the fact, that I know I get nothing based on a small mistake drove me nuts, so I had to end it. I switched the app to paid for 0.99 Dollar. I knew I would interrupt the natural growth, unfortunately we also were immediately kicked from the categories we just made our way into.

Pewdiepug iphone Sabba Keynejad 960

Sabba Keynejad and myself have already uploaded a new version with new items and some minor tweaks.
Also the Advertising Banner Problem should be fixed, so that 1.1 can be for free again with ads.

Get PewdiePUG:


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