Voice over session for Orcs, Elijah Lucian will be their voice

I shipped my newest games Orcs, two Weeks ago for Android devices. Some review pages already picked up the game and wrote about it. They really love it what is a good sign for me to invest more time on this one now.

Right now I do use Orc sounds where I do not own the license which could bring me in trouble. To avoid this and fix it as quick I can, I  luckily got in contact with the professional voice Artist Elijah Lucian.

He will speak the new Orc voices live on twitch.tv you can check out his performance in a few hours (the show lasts 2 hours):

9-11 AM MST


Game Design Lessons by Extra Credit

I love this show, they have been around for a while. In-between they lost track of their core strength of the not game title specific, high level game design tips and tricks. But they seem to be back on the right road and here are some videos worth checking out if you plan to develop anything from the bottom up.

Make Your First Game: Basics

Minimal Viable Product