Orcs Say Thank You

My little incremental cookie clicker like RPG. Has sold its first 80 golden axes. Thank you for the support 🙂
orcs golden axe thank you mobile

Orcs Update 3.1

Tomorrow ( 17.4.2015) the new update of Orcs is going live. Here is what’s new:

New Features:
+New Warrior Talent: “Shield Slam!”
Once you activated “Shield Up!” you can now attack with “Shield Slam!”
Dealing damage to your enemy while you remain save.

+Chopping now also enables you to reach x3 Wood, if you tap fast enough!

New Quest:
+3 New Quest: Temple discovery

+Added mild screen shake while chopping the tree
+”Ability ready” Indication effect added
+Tree Touch-able Area increased by 15%

Bug fix:
+Fixed a crash when re-launching an Android app a second time after backing out of the app.

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