Quests of Honour

Chop Chop fellow Orcs,

let me tell you about the upcoming Updates for Orcs.

We will go hard!
As we come closer to the final Quests (on this island..), they will become more difficult. It will be your time to show your skills.
The today newly added abilities will help you with that and you will also get a few quests in-between to get used to them, for all you veterans out there.

Each upcoming Quest that you solve will mean big honour.
And we will have to fight hard for that score points.

How does this sound to you? Tell me in the comments below,
Your Chieftain


Orcs Friday: Hall of Mastery

Orcs Cookie Clicker Halls of Mastery

It’s Orc Friday!
The new Version will be live in a couple of hours.
(Android Version first, ios 7 days later)

+Not this time!

+New Building Screen: Hall of Mastery
Learn empowering abilities for your Orc Heroes
Available after Quest 19+

+New empowering Warrior Abilities:
1. Wounding: Your thrown Shield deals extra Damage over time.
2. Defense Up: Your ability Shield Heal reduces all damage taken.
3. Survival: If you are low on health you heal automaticaly.

+Become a Patreon: You can now become a supporter of new Updates and Quests and get your Spot in the game credits.

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