Why believing in your work is essential

These are not my lines – Original by Megan Johnson
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I just picked out of her Article what resonated mostly with myself and that’s the following lines 🙂
david zobrist creative process
We can have a great idea, but if the process or end result isn’t stellar, we find it hard to recognize the work as ‚good work‘. Alternatively, we can have half-hearted ideas or lazy processes, but have a great end result. In this case, it’s tempting to call it ‚good work‘, but we still can’t separate the process from that final piece.

Let’s take a look at it from a reader’s perspective. Have you ever read a blog or piece of writing where the writer just didn’t seem confident in what they were saying? Either they weren’t well educated on the subject, it wasn’t a subject they were passionate about, or maybe they were just writing to put something out there without truly caring about the impact it could make. Whatever the case may be, a lack of confidence from the creator is often easy to spot as a reader. And when you don’t feel like the creator is confident in their work, it’s difficult to connect with them through their creation.

Sure, creating something that others love and want to talk about is wonderful, but for most writers it’s certainly not the only reason we write. We write because it’s something that we love, something that is therapeutic in many ways. We write because we can’t imagine not writing. Believing in ourselves and our writing is just as much a part of that creative process as writing the words down on a page. It’s necessary for creating our best work.

1. Accept and become comfortable with a certain level of imperfection

If you sit around nit-picking your writing all day, you’re never going to reach a point where it’s exactly as you want it. There’s a wall that you build against yourself when you aim for perfection. Recognize that what you create is flawed and within those flaws lies a very beautiful human aspect that can only come from someone who believes in their work and loves what they create.

2. Decide what it is about your writing that keeps you from truly believing in it

When you know what it is that holds you back from believing in your work, there is a much higher level of understanding. Once you know these things and understand the reasoning behind them, it’s much easier to implement effective strategies to change or fix those habits. It may be something as simple as your writing process or how you formulate ideas, but whatever you need to adjust in order to believe in your work/process is well worth your effort.

3. Only create things that you enjoy the process of creating

Part of believing strongly in your work is actually enjoying the process that accompanies it. If you don’t enjoy the process, you likely won’t appreciate the end result. Simple. If you don’t enjoy the process right off, however – don’t get discouraged. You wouldn’t be the first writer who didn’t love writing right away! What you should do though, is find a point in the process that you do very much enjoy and the rest will come in time. If you don’t enjoy any of the process of what you create, perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere.


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