Orcs X Update 1.2.82: Making Progress again

PromoShoot1 Orcs x david Zobrist danilo hoffman

+5 new Quests!
+Delegate minor Orcs(requires Quest +20): Repeatable quests turn into Delegate-ables at specific points.
You can now send minor Orcs to get the items for you, they just need a bit longer.
+New smith-able Warrior gloves boost the damage of his abilities.
+Zeppelin: After reaching threshold levels you can now decide to reset to fixed levels.
+New Zeppelin Enhancement: To boost all zeppelin stats!
+The Doggy now has a max time limit of 12 instead of 24 h
+Thanks for translating the store decsriptions FR, PL and CZ
Lord Nilo and Big Dave
Google Play:
iOS( live in +1-3 days):
#orcs #idle #clicker #game

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