Creepy was my strongest growing app

It came 1 year after Orcs and overtook it with downloads in is first year quickly, at-least on Google Play.
Even tough players stick less long as the game is shorter it isn’t less enjoyable.
I still love it and that means a lot.

375000 Installs via Google Play
2400 Installs via iTunes
932 Installs via Amazon

Thanks everyone for playing!

Cheers David!

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Amazon Appstore:



Creepy Game Update

Hi everyone 🙂 It’s about time!

„We didn’t need the creepy Units any longer, they did what we programmed them to do, so we decided to eliminate the last contaminated specimens, the creepy’s.
But one escaped us, he must have had help..“
Gamepad Support Added (Android):
Fire TV Remote,
Fire TV Gamepad,
XBOX 360 Wireless and Wired gamepads
PS4 Dualshock 4
Steelseries Free
OUYA Gamepad
Logitech F310 (X Mode)
Game Elements Recoil
NYKO Playpad Pro
Any gamepad made for Android (Android version 4.1 or higher!)
Google Play:
Amazon Appstore:

Creepy’s new enemy

Creepy awakes called by a mysterious voice, finding himself surrounded by new enemies.
Machines that are programmed to destroy any sign of the infection.
Making also the Creepy Units the enemy. As creepy is shooting his way to the surface he is haunted by voices in his head.


creepy game update.png

Thats kind of the plot I guess :)
2 Levels more and that Creepy Update Level Pack is ready.
It keeps on taking much longer as expected I would say even longer to create the game itself back than in 2015.

3 months of work -almost done

Pixel Mage took me way longer than expected but finally is coming to an end.
I am really happy with how the levels play now.

Only a few final tweaks, where I play the game myself,over and over, to pixel nudge everything in place.

Also I will get Elijah Lucian once more for the character voices, together with his team he already took care of Voices in my previous games such as Orcs and Creepy.

The game will, as always appear for the google play App Store as well as for iOS and Amazon Devices.

I am sure if you liked creepy you will also like this one.

final floor pixal mage david zobrist in progress

Waiting for the game salad update

Since quite a while I and much more members of the active game salad community, the tool I build my games with, are waiting for version 1.25.

This should remove some major issues with the current version of the game engine such as:

+Stuttering issues while the camera moves
+Blurry Text/Font
+Chartboost game crashes

I’l have to anyways update all my 12 gaming apps because a google play issue, we refer to as „X509TrustManager“ and the fact that apple does no prolong their banner ad service iAD, why I will change to admob banners.

I prepared all changes for the apps on my side and simple wait for game salad game engine to release their new version now. I estimate the updates will be live in roughly 1-2 weeks.
Here is a list of changes for each game:

Finger Dungeon 1.1
+Ice themed Mazes
+4 New levels
+Performance improvements
+Minor Tweaks for level 14

Human Harvest
+Reduced the frequency of the “Rate this game” pop up (rating the game will remove it permanently)
+Reduced advertising frequency
+Advertising pops now only after an upgrade and NOT during gameplay “beaming”
+Added Advertising Videos
+Improved Text quality,UI improvements and minor fixes
+Link to the David Zobrist Facebook Page added

+Improved Swiping Area
+Improved Text quality,UI improvements and minor fixes
+Link to the David Zobrist Facebook Page added

PewdiePug Edgar
+You can now customise your bone rain and flash effects. After you own the second sunglasses.
+Improved Swiping Area
+Improved Text quality,UI improvements and minor fixes
+Link to the David Zobrist Facebook Page added

+Link to the David Zobrist Facebook Page added
+Advertising partner changed

+Text and Number Quality improved
+Missing pop up graphic added
+Link to the David Zobrist Facebook Page added

Duck Defense
+Text and Number Quality improved
+Missing graphics added
+Link to the David Zobrist Facebook Page added

Three Points
+Text and Number Quality improved
+Advertising Partner changed

Creepy just won Game of the month- Gamesalad Community

The software I do use to create my mobile games is called game salad.
And each month they pick the winner of their game of the month contest.
This month my latest launched mobile game title called „Creepy“ won the race 🙂

Yippie! 🙂

More here:
creepy game of the month gamesalad david zobrist